“Building in Public” is a common term in the startup world.
I’m a fan of this transparent and progress-oriented concept of running a business.
I take this idea into my dating life:
Exit time-consuming dating apps, and build a page about my dating profile in public.
If you are single and think we might be a match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 😉


I'm Camellia Yang, Chinese New Zealander, 33 years old, 5’2”, 50kg.I’m the only child raised in an academic environment. I have lived in China, New Zealand, England, and Portugal and am pretty flexible with my next destination.As a founder working in the marketing/communications industry with clients worldwide, I work hard in an async digital nomad way (check out my daily routine.
I enjoy good stories (reading books, watching movies and having philosophical conversations with friends), sports (football, F1, UFC), HIIT training, meditation and dancing.
I speak fluent English and Chinese, plus basic Japanese and Portuguese.I have dated many people since 14 years old but only had two serious relationships so far.Check out my user manual to learn more about me.

Personal Values

- Intellectual curiosity
- Adventurous spirit
- Self-love
- Independency
- Action-orientation
- Authenticity, be true to yourself
- Open-mindedness
- Long-term thinking
- Intimacy relationship
Just in case you are into personality tests, I'm:
- 8w7
- Inventor.
- O(73)C(54)E(56)A(1)N(39)
- Earth Dragon, Sagittarius
Here is my life philosophy to show my life principles.

“The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust.”Rainer Maria Rilke


Core value

I have my philosophy of living and am aware of my limited understanding of everything.I expect you have the intellectual curiosity to explore truth and beauty together with an open mind. I enjoy having a rational debate and discussion on different topics now and then.I believe love is not gifted but learned and earned. Therefore, it’s necessary to make the commitment and review our relationship monthly or quarterly to keep it at a healthy level.I expect both of us to organise romantic dates, communicate transparently, and protect each other’s private space with mutual efforts.My relationship is built on trust, respect and empathy.


Since I’m the same height as Lady Gaga, I’m weirdly attracted to tall people (over 5’10”) with the mind of balancing our next generation (negotiable depends on biotechnology).I do a whole body check at least once a year and have done a DNA test. Lucky enough, I’m very healthy :) I expect you to prove your health status and fitness level.I sometimes practise intermittent fasting (noon to 8 pm) or only eat one meal a day. Occasionally, I adjust my timetable to socialise. Let’s have mutual respect for each other’s already formed daily routine.I meditate every day and take at least 14 days off every year by myself to go to meditation/psychedelic retreats.


I’m from a middle-class family with a long traceable history. My dad is a university professor, and my mum works in a Fortune 500 insurance company. They are very independent and happily live in China without any financial burdens.I used to work in big corporates with a six-figure income, but now I focus on being a full-time content creator and exploring web3. Ideally, you are a founder or investor on the same path, so we can learn from each other and grow together.I live a minimal life and invest hugely in my fitness, nutrition and personal growth. M digital spending has exceeded my physical expenditures in 2021, which means I have zero interest in unnecessary physical goods. I won’t interfere with your spending habit, but ideally, you are not playing a status game.The most crucial part is to have an aligned financial goal in our long-term relationship and allocate our time and energy toward building financial freedom together.

Family life

I consider China and New Zealand as home. Ideally, you won't mind spending some time exploring these two countries and getting to know the lifestyle and cultures that impact my early life. I'll do the same for you!I value my work and sleep very much, so I question the default way of sharing a bedroom every night. It would be great to have our independent rooms for working and sleeping (btw, I LOVE cuddling and good sex and won't mind sleeping together but not EVERY DAY).I expect to have children by the age of 36. I see both of us as role models for our kids and can provide them with enough attention, love, financial resources and guidance and let them be who they want to be.

Bonus points

- Speak multiple languages and live in different cities and countries.
- Have friends from different backgrounds and cultures.
- Be a good playmate with me (e.g. cosplay, watch live sports and try other exciting stuff) every now and then

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Get in touch

I understand my product-market fit, so all the above requirements are based on an in-depth analysis of my values and skills.I don’t have an illusion of marrying someone way above my pay grade, and I expect you to have a precise valuation to save both our time.If you think we might be a match, please don’t hesitate to contact me (your information is safe in my hand). Feel free to connect me on Twitter or attend meetups I organised IRL to be friends first.Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to hearing from you 😘

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